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In-The-Ear iHearing Aid
In-The-Ear iHearing Aid - Left Ear
In-The-Ear iHearing Aid - Right Ear
All-Inclusive iHearing Package (Left Ear + Right Ear): In-The-Ear
Invisible In-The-Ear iHearing Aid
Invisible In-The-Ear iHearing Aid

    All-Inclusive iHearing Package (Left Ear + Right Ear): In-The-Ear


    All-Inclusive iHearing Package with two (2) In-The-Ear iHearing Aid devices (left ear + right ear) only $740.00 total, taxes included.   

    Package includes:

    1. In-The-Ear iHearing Aid Device (Left Ear + Right Ear)
    2. Hearing Aid Batteries (1-Year Supply)
    3. Hearing Aid Cleaning Brush
    4. Storage Case 
    5. Warranty (5-Years) 
    6. Customer Support (Lifetime)

    In-The-Ear iHearing Aid details:

    Size: 1.8cmx1.2cmx0.9cm
    Battery size: 10
    Calibration: Automatic


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        Size: 1.8cmx1.2cmx0.9cm
        Battery size: 10
        Calibration: Automatic
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